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Christian Ruehmer

Christian Ruehmer
Co-Founder and CEO of Q-Lana, Chief Investment Officer Bamboo Capital Partners, United States

Christian is the Co-Founder of Q-Lana, a digitization platform that implements knowledge-based credit risk management and digitization of banks and funds' lending and investment process.

He is also the Chief Investment Officer for Bamboo Capital Partners, an Asset Manager for debt and equity investments in the impact space.

Christian has 30 years of experience in banking and has worked in several large international banks, primarily in the areas of Risk Management, Treasury, Credit Portfolio Management, and Investment Management. Christian has worked in various countries including the US, Germany, Mexico, and Spain.

Christian is also Chief Investment Officer for Bamboo Capital Partners. Between 1989 and 2013, before joining Bamboo, he worked for Deutsche Bank and WestLB, where, among others, he was the Deputy Treasurer of an affiliate, headed the Deal Management Team of the Bank’s Loan Portfolio Management Group, and worked as an Assistant to the Management Board. He headed the Investment Management Team in the US and managed the Work-Out and Restructuring practice.

Since 2001, Christian also worked as a consultant for Risk Management and Efficiency Management where he advised over 100 FIs as well as several international organizations.

In 2004 Christian founded Proyecto Horizonte, a community development program in Bolivia, which today serves over 3000 children every year with programs in education, health, and community services.

He graduated from Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft in Frankfurt, Germany with a Diploma in Banking and Finance and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Financial Risk Manager (FRM).


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